School Policies & Procedures

Below are the Policies & Procedures that will ensure the good running of St Anthony’s School:

Dealing with Bullying, Harassment, Aggression and Violence (Students) Policy

Catholic schools have a responsibility to provide an educational environment that promotes the dignity and respect of the person and, therefore, aims to encourage the development of positive relationships between students to reduce all forms of bullying, harassment, aggression and violence. The policies and practices that a school employs should enhance the dignity of the human person and reflect the Principles of Pastoral Care as espoused in the Pastoral Care Framework (2007).

View the Dealing with Bullying, Harassment, Aggression and Violence (Students) Policy.

View the Anti-Bullying Policy Pamphlet.

Asthma Friendly Policy

The aim of this policy is to document strategies for the implementation of best practice asthma management within an educational setting so that:

  • All children enrolled at St Anthony’s who have asthma can receive appropriate attention as required.
  • The school can respond to the needs of children who have not been diagnosed with asthma and who have an asthma attack or difficulty breathing at the site.

View the Asthma Friendly Policy.

Camp Policy

Where school camps are conducted, they shall be undertaken as an integral part of the educational programmes of the school and shall overall reflect authentic Catholic principles and values.

View the Camp Policy.

Car Park Procedures

St Anthony’s School Pick Up/Drop Off Zones & Parking Procedure.

View the Car Park Procedures.

Child Safety Policy

St Anthony’s School Greenmount is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. This will be the primary focus of our care and decision-making. St Anthony’s School has a commitment to zero tolerance of child abuse. We support and respect all children as well as our staff and volunteers.

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Code of Conduct

You act safely and competently.

View the Code of Conduct.
View the Student Code of Conduct.

Collection of Fees

Catholic education is to be made available to all Catholic students whose parents seek a Catholic education for them, insofar as this is possible, while embodying the Church’s special preference for the poor and disadvantaged. Schools have a responsibility to communicate the financial constraints under which they operate, to parents enrolling their children in Catholic schools. Parents are asked to make a commitment to support Catholic education financially by paying fees.

The Bishops of Western Australia have approved the collection of school fees from parents as a necessary contribution to the costs of delivering a Catholic education.

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Communications Procedure

View the Communications Procedure

Counselling-Social Worker Procedure

The school social worker is available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays for student counselling. Appointments are by referral only, with parent permission and in consultation with the Principal and the social worker.

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Curriculum Learning Areas

The Religious Education program conducted in our school aspires to the development of the individual from within, assisting each individual to become a fully integrated person in the image of God. This program will be directed to the whole person including the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions as well as volitionally.

Complaints Resolution Policy

Catholic Education is committed to ensuring that disputes and complaints are dealt with fairly, objectively and in a timely manner, and that processes reflect the principles of participation, co-responsibility and subsidiarity.

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Enrolment Policy

Catholic schools exist to further the mission of the Church. In Western Australia, the Mandate of the Bishops requires the Catholic Education Commission of Western Australia to make Catholic school education available to all Catholic children, as far as resources allow.

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Facebook Guidelines

School guidelines for official facebook page.

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ICT & Responsible Use by Student Policy

The following is St Anthony’s Student ICT and Responsible Use Policy that relates to the use of any digital devices. The document’s purpose is to ensure that students are aware of their responsibilities when using a digital device.

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Library Policy

The Library Resource Centre is a key educational facility providing resources in an environment, which stimulates and encourages the spiritual, cultural, academic and recreational potential of students.

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Lockdown Policy

Lockdown Procedures for St Anthony’s Greenmount.

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Medication Policy

View the Medication Policy

Parent Help Procedure

Parents are invited to assist with classroom routines (e.g. reading) on a roster basis, particularly in the lower grades.

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Privacy Policy

The School collects personal information, including sensitive information about enrolment at the School.

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Physical Education Programme

The P.E./Sport programme at St. Anthony’s has three fundamental components; Fitness, Skill acquisition and Major sports.

A specialist physical education teacher is employed to implement the programme, also ensuring the school meets government requirements of providing a minimum, two hours/week of physical activity for primary school children.

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Religious Education Policy

The Religious Education program conducted in our school aspires to the development of the individual from within, assisting each individual to become a fully integrated person in the image of God. This program will be directed to the whole person including the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions as well as volitionally.

Reporting Procedure

Parent Information Nights

  • Parent Information Nights occur at the beginning of the school year, usually in Week 2 of Term 1.
  • They are conducted in Year Level groups (that is, Year 6 Blue and Gold together).
  • Their purpose is to convey to the parents the general organisational and curriculum expectations for the year.

Parent Teacher Interviews

  • In Week Nine of Term 1, formal Parent Teacher Interviews are conducted across the school.
  • Parents are advised by each class teacher of available interview times.
  • All parents are required to attend an interview with their child.
  • All other Parent Teacher Interviews are conducted at the request of the teacher or parent.

Formal Reporting

  • Students receive an Interim Report at the Parent Teacher Interview in Term 1.
  • Mid and end-of-year formal reports are given to each student in Years PrePrimary – 6.

For further information, check with the class teacher and consult with any other information, such as the school newsletter.

Student Food Allergy Procedure

It is the parent’s responsibility to advise the school of any detrimental food allergies their child may have through a school Medication Form available from the front office.

View the Student Food Allergy Procedure

Student Management Policy (A guide for acceptable behaviour)

Student management is an aspect of moral guidance and assists in developing a positive environment in which each child becomes successful at managing their own behaviour. Respect for the school community and for oneself is a fundamental expectation.

View the Student Management Policy

Students with Special Needs Policy

We cater to students who may require special considerations and arrangements in varying degrees to access and participate in the total school curriculum and to achieve positive learning outcomes.

View the Students with Special Needs Policy

Uniform Policy

There is a Summer (Terms 1 and 4) and a Winter (Terms 2 and 3) uniform which is compulsory for students from Pre-Primary – Year 6. Parents are expected to purchase the full uniform and ensure that the student adheres to an acceptable standard of appearance at all times.

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