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Students attending St Anthony’s from Year 4 to 6 engage in our One to One iPad program. The Year 5 and 6 students have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) whilst the Year 4’s are trialling a New School-Based Device (SBD) program whereby iPads are supplied by the school for students.

School-Based Device Program (SBD)- Year 4 in 2020

Students entering into Year 4 will be provided a school-leased device that is only for use at school, the device is an Apple iPad with 128GB of storage. These devices are managed with the ZuluDesk software to ensure the iPads are working efficiently and safely accessing online platforms.

Students are assigned a device at the commencement of the year that only they will use, the iPad will come with all required Apps and a sturdy case with an in-built keyboard. Students will use their Catholic Education Western Australia (CEWA) credentials to access the Microsoft 365 software package through this device, with samples of their work delivered to parents through online platforms such as SeeSaw. Families make a small contribution to this program through their annual IT levy.

Frequently Asked Questions (SBD)

Will my son/daughter be able to bring the iPad home to complete school work?
No, your child will not be permitted to bring the iPad home.

How will we be able to view our son/daughter’s work completed on the iPad?
Student work will be displayed for parents to view on digital learning platforms such as SeeSaw and OneNote. Access to these platforms will be organised by the teacher at the beginning of the year and distributed to families. If you have problems using your log in details, please email the classroom teacher for assistance.

Bring Your Own Device Program (BYOD)- Years 5 and 6

Device retained from previous years
Families provide an iPad for their child that is used at school and home. This device must be an Apple iPad with a minimum storage of 32GB. We recommend a current model iPad to ensure the operating system and apps are supported for the coming years at school. It is highly recommended that the 3G model is NOT used. If a 3G model is purchased, the 3G SIM will need to be removed from the device before entering the school. It is also a requirement that students have a sturdy cover to protect the iPad from accidental damage and the use of protective software/Apps such as Apple Classroom and ZuluDesk to ensure student safety at school.

Frequently Asked Questions for BYOD

What happens if my son/daughter already has an iPad?
If your child already has an iPad at home and it meets the minimum requirements we recommend they use it.

What if I simply can’t afford to buy an iPad for my child?
Please see our principal in cases of genuine financial hardship and your particular circumstances can be discussed and alternatives considered.

If I don’t already have an iPad for my child to use, where can I purchase one?
You may purchase an iPad that meets the minimum requirements from any iPad retailer. Some retailers may provide various insurance and payment options for student purchases.

How long will we have the iPad for?
Your child will need a 1:1 device for years 5 & 6 at St Anthony’s.

Will the iPads be insured or do I need to arrange this myself?
New iPads come with a 12-month Limited Warranty. However, this warranty does not cover accidental damage, loss or theft. It is highly recommended that parents fully insure their child’s iPad. This may be done through your own personal Home & Contents policy. Please contact your insurance company for more information. If you choose the leasing option, insurance is included in your lease payments.

How will I know what my child is doing on their iPad?
In 2019, students were requested to install Zuludesk on their iPad. The cost of this management system is included in the IT levy and it allows teachers at school and parents at home to view through a separate device their child’s activity. It also allows both teachers and parents to lock the child into, as well as block specific apps. Please follow the link for more information: https://www.zuludesk.com/

Will parents be required to pay for Apps?
Enrolment in Zuludesk also allows for the school to download required educational Apps to each student devices so that students can be fully immersed in the curriculum delivered by classroom teachers.

Will my child be able to charge their iPad at school?
No. The iPad will need to come to school fully charged each day. It will easily last the length of the school day.

How much time will students use the iPads in the classrooms?
It is envisaged that the students will use their iPads around 50% of class time. The iPad will be integrated into the curriculum to support and enhance our current educational programs. The iPad program will support current teaching and learning plans and will assist in developing higher-order thinking skills.

Could my child have their iPad confiscated during school time?
Yes. The school reserves the right to remove the iPad from the student and securely store it until the end of the day if the student is in breach of the acceptable use policy or code of conduct. Should this occur, parents will be contacted.

Will students need an Apple ID?
Yes. As the requirement for an Apple ID is to be over 13 years of age, parents will need to create this ID in their name using their email address. This is facilitated through the creation of a child’s Apple ID under a parent account. Please see the Apple website for information on Family Sharing.

Are students allowed to have other apps, games and music installed on their iPad?
Yes. The device can be personalised by students, but priority should be given to the educational apps stipulated by the school. Other apps will not be allowed to be used during the school day and if are deemed inappropriate, parents may be asked to remove the app.

What if my child forgets to bring their iPad to school one day?
They will need to complete activities without it and possibly catch up in their own time. If this occurs regularly, parents will be contacted by phone.

Where does the iPad stay during the day?
The iPads will stay in the classroom and may go with the students to a specialist class. They will remain in the students’ desks in a locked classroom during recess and lunch.

Will there be any support for parents if the iPads are to be used at home?
Yes. The school is available throughout the year for parents to ask questions and get some hands-on experience using the iPad.

How will the school regulate the use of the iPad at home?
The school is unable to regulate the use of the iPad apps or internet use whilst the child is off-campus. We encourage parents to be aware of what their children are doing on any form of technology, particularly internet-enabled and strongly encourage use of those devices in family areas, not private (such as bedrooms).

If you have any questions, please email the Technology Team at St Anthony’s.

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