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Important Dates

  • 29 November
    Attend Mass Yr 1

  • 30 November
    Kindy Blue Graduation

  • 01 December
    Kindy Gold Graduation

  • 02 December
    School Concert (Evening)

  • 04 December
    Second Sunday of Advent

Learn About Kindy

Learn About Kindy
@ St Anthony’s School

@ St Anthony’s School

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St Anthony's School


St Anthony's School
96 Innamincka Road,
Greenmount WA 6056
PO Box 4057 Swan View WA 6056
Phone: (08) 9294 5500
Fax: (08) 9255 1774
email: admin@stanthonysgreen.wa.edu.au

St Anthony’s school is a community growing together in faith, where the quality of education develops the potential and dignity of the individual within a framework of Catholic attitudes and values.